2018_2 GST Courses Now Available Online

Please be informed that GST courses for 2018_2 are now available. Students can now access their course materials and TMAs. online. The URL for access is https://ceagslearn.nouedu.net

Kindly view the video below that explains the process (https://youtu.be/rIvcLQjApao).


  • Students are expected to login with their matriculation number as the username as well as the password (e.g. username: nou123456780 password: nou123456780 ). At the first login all students will be requested to change the initial password.
  • Students are expected to upload their profile pictures and regularly visit the announcement forum for the respected courses. 
  • Students who registered for any GST course after the October 1 2018 are kindly requested to wait for their login details to be uploaded.
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