About Us

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies (CE&GS) was established on 11th May 2017 in line with the National Universities Commission (NUC) guideline.  The Centre as an arm of the university services NOUN students and its community in acquiring general skills that lead to lifelong learning. Secondly, the centre provides services for the general community through training, consultancy, and research.  

The mandate of the centre is to create entrepreneurs by inculcating entrepreneurial skills, helping the students to discover their skills, take initiative, utilise possibilities, take risks and responsibilities, become creative and innovative. To achieve this, the Centre manages the university General Studies (GST) courses; and two compulsory entrepreneurship courses for all its undergraduate students, with focus on developing Innovative and Social Entrepreneurs.   The Centre also provides consultancy and other services in entrepreneurship to the community at large


To be regarded as the foremost entrepreneurship and general study centre anchored by the university to provide sustainable entrepreneurial skills and general knowledge through comprehensive reach that exceeds all barriers.


To provide functional cost effective flexible learning which adds life-long value to student’s entrepreneurial initiative, creativity, research, and innovation.


Explore. Develop. Deliver