1. The Centre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies (CE&GS) was established 11th May 2017 by the University Senate in line with NUC recommendation
  2. Activities in the Centre commenced June 2017
  3. Designed the structure for CE&GS
  4. Prepared the start-up documents:
    • Prepared the blueprint and development plan
    • Five-year strategic plan
    • Flyer
  5. Trained 20 NOUN academic staff on Online Course Design and Development for Subject Matter Experts held 18-22 September 2017.
  6. Received the first TETFUND support for Entrepreneurship Intervention Projects which covers 2013/2014/2015/2016
  7. Re-organised the coordination of General Studies (GST) courses by assigning coordination of courses to specialists in the faculties who are serving as the content experts in course writing and item development and assessment.
  8. Redesign the GST Courses
  9. Introduce the Use of Library as recommended in the benchmark
  10. The Centre took NOUN students to participate in Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E.) 2017 conference held 30th November 2017
  11. NOUN students participated in Nile University 3rd Entrepreneurship trade fair titled Bringing Gown and Town Together held 21 – 22 March 2018
  12. Set up Incubation Centres with one Incubation Centre in each geo-political zone
  13. Set up Virtual Laboratories
  14. Developed and launched a web site for CE&GS for virtual learning – 18th April 2018
  15. The Centre is the first in NOUN to Launch Virtual advocacy, held 18 – 25 April 2018