The Mentorship Education

Students and Trainees are mentored through the following methods:

  • One-on-one mentoring.  The first mentor in this instance is the Incubation Centre Coordinator who guides the incubatees according to individual needs.  Secondly, incubatees are attached to successful entrepreneurs in their areas on individual basis to guide them.  Meetings are organised where they can meet one-on-one. 
  • Group mentoring.  A mentor is matched with a cohort who has a similar idea.  One-on-one and distance mentoring are combined to achieve this.


  • Distance mentoring.  Mentors are sourced across the globe to mentor incubatees.  This is done using both synchronous and asynchronous techniques.  The synchronous is done virtually using the university Learning Management System (LMS) with a schedule.  For asynchronous, mails, text, and the university LMS are combined. 


  • The directorate is involved in the following mentorship types:


    • Entrepreneurship Development
    • Financial Management
    • Business Growth
    • Business Management
    • Entrepreneurial Guidance
    • Business Plan Development

Research Guidance