Welcome from the Vice Chancellor

p>Health care access is one of the greatest challenges in Nigeria, where treatable and preventable illnesses/conditions often go untreated or complicated (Titus, Adebisola & Adeniji, 2015). One of the means of having access to quality and timely medical care in a country include easy access to medical care by qualified health care professionals. With high cost of managing diseases, limited access to quality health care services should be a call to draw individual, family, community, state and nation to increase their attention to health-promoting lifestyle practices and access to relevant health information through qualified healthcare professionals. T

  1. his can improve our health and well-being as a nation. 
  2. One of the means to achieve the third Sustainable development Goal (SDG) 
  3. is by using information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance health 

promotion and improve health equality. It is a fact that currently in Nigeria every family have at least one person that is educated. the educated member of the family can share every health information that are valuable to other member of the family. Hence, we propose to carry out an intervention study that aims to develop, implement and evaluate health-promoting lifestyle and easy healthcare access phone app in selected university communities in Nigeria. The university community comprises of both workers and students. The app will be an Inter-professional Health Promotion and Healthcare Access platform called Tertiary School Health Promotion and Healthcare Access APP (TASHePHAA).